Getting a Boat License

Boat License

Have you ever thought of becoming a licensed boater? Well, there are certain things you should know first before you proceed with your goal to get a boat licence. Whether you’re seeking to operate a Personal Water Craft or a Motorboat, consider some of the following factors.

• Regional and National Licensing Rules

Based on places I have lived, there are certain laws and procedures which should be followed for one to successfully acquire a boat license. Each country, state or territory has its own rules and laws meant for prospective boat license seekers. For example, in the United States of America, each state has authorized NASBLA as the only organization to award a boating license. Automatically, any person who holds that State licence would qualify to operate a boat in the entire U.S territory.

• Eligibility

Obviously you should be of the right age in order to get boat licensing. Normally the legal age for many countries is sixteen and above, but countries like South Australia allows children of ages between twelve and sixteen to acquire a special permit so as to operate a recreational vessel.

• Identity

Proof of identity is one of the first things one should expect to provide the licensing authorities when they want to become a sailor. In most cases it should be the National ID or Passport, but such documents like driver’s licence could work sometimes. This enables the licensor to determine the name, birth, and country of origin for the person applying of boat licence, among other important aspects.

• Medical Conditions

People with medical problems such as disability, poor eyesight or hearing problems should highlight that to the authorities before proceeding for further both license examinations.

• The Application Process

As we highlighted before that there are different application procedures and processes for different territories, one has to do that in accordance to where they live. In USA, one can get an NASBLA approved boating license by simply applying online.

If you’re based in South Australia, follow the procedure below in order to move towards your boating licensing goal:

1) Book and take a theory exam
That exam consists of only multiple questions based on what is contained in the Recreational Boating Safety Handbook. If you pass the exam, your results will only be valid for six months period.
Those exams are taken at Service SA customer service centres, between 9:00am to 4:00pm local time.

2) Lodge an Application
You have to complete the form at Application for a boat operator’s licence (246.9 KB PDF) at a Service SA Customer Service Centre.
Things not to forget include proof of identity, evidence of having passed the theory exam and if your results have not overstayed the six months deadline, among other requested information.

• Licensing Fees

These are subject to change from time to time, therefore it’s better to confirm with the relevant authorities before your proceed.